Digital Unicorn

Digital Unicorn

Need help with your website, integrating your systems so that they talk to each other, ads, graphics or anything that’s stopping you from growing your business? We have a solution for every budget.

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SDC package!

We’ll do those things that you don’t have
the time for, don’t love doing or don’t know-how.

  • Needing help on a big project for a few months.
  • Wanting someone who is a VA, but has teach skills and marketing skills and a bit more.
  • Help you while you’re getting ready to dip your toes into the big world.
  • Get you on the straight and narrow before launch and make sure you’ve not missed anything.
  • Wanting to combo a few things like a website audit, a Facebook and Instagram Audit,
    some graphics but not fully one or the other. You want a bit of this and a bit or that but not sure which one and in what order.
  • A strategy chat.
  • Implementing  your tech because they just don’t want to talk to each other. 

And more. That is when we fly on in!

It’s a retainer thing so, we discuss your needs, agree on
a number of hours and they are set aside for you.

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